Home Remedies For Dry Eyes

3 Home Remedies For Dry Eyes That Are Proven To Work…

Try These Simple Home Remedies To Beat And Prevent Dry Eyes:

Sleep With a Humidifier – Wintry conditions can cause your eyes to dry out faster than normal, by using a humidifier you will be able to keep the air around you moist and your eyes happy!

Warm Compress – By placing a warm compress over your eyes you will be able to improve the quality of your tears.  Do this for 5 minutes in the morning or and at night for best results!

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement – This is a supplement that can be taken in pill form found here, or can be found naturally in foods such as fish and flax seeds.  By an enhanced intake of omega-3’s your eyes will be more hydrated and you will find you dont need eye drops as often!

How To Get of Dry Eyes, WITHOUT multiple trips to the Doctor, or consuming your time…

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